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Every day, the AsstrA team place 1,000+ orders for full truck loads across the European Union, the CIS, Central Asia, and China.

Thanks to our steady flow of orders, AsstrA transport partners can build efficient transport schedules for any given region. Join us!
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About company

The AsstrA-Associated Traffic AG corporate group was founded in Zurich in 1995. We aim to build long-term partnerships with carriers in Europe, the CIS, and Asia.

The company provides regular flows of loads from verified customers with prompt payments for completed deliveries.

Thanks to the AsstrA fuel program, transport carriers always have funds available to refuel their vehicles. If necessary, the AsstrA team will also order ferries or pay toll road costs.

To speed up customs clearance times at borders, cargo is processed in a priority queue at AsstrA subsidiary customs agencies in Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, and Russia.

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